Same Time, Next Year

by Bernard Slade

Director’s Note

Many years ago, a very wonderful woman became friends with two very lovely people. She would meet several times a week with Mr. and Mrs. Newbound at the local mall and over coffee, they would compare stories of their sons’ adventures in the world of the arts. 

One son was wildly successful at that time in the world of television, writing popular series such as The Flying Nun and The Partridge Family and would later go on to pen Tony-winning and Oscar-nominated plays and films. 

The other son was struggling greatly then as he was just starting out in the very competitive, sometimes ruthless, and oft times heartbreaking world of the young actor. 

Mr. and Mrs. Newbound never crowed about their successful son, and always allayed the woman’s concerns and worries for her son with assurances that no doubt he too would one day find joy and success in his chosen career, just as had their son, Bernard Slade. 

I adore their son’s play, thank them for taking the time to befriend my mother and dedicate this production to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Newbound. 

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— David Nairn
Artistic Director

Cast & Creative

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